Külalispostitus: Note to myself


 Reverence for all of life.

 I was born on this planet with a lot of awe.

Just a blank mind, clean sheet of paper if you will. With a lot of questions. Subconscious ones at first and they made me wonder and explore.

With a little help it all seemed perfect. Nothing much needed, just a helping hand and myself to explore this physical plane.

What am I? What is this? Why is everything so bright?  Where am I? So fascinating!

Who is this fellow lovely creature holding me so gently? Hmm… interesting.

As time passed my consciousness started emerging and I was given a lot more control, or that I thought at first.

The power over my thoughts. I was taught how to learn and what to learn. Given the ability to interfere with the flow of life.

To be able to guide myself in this world, make decisions, it felt just refreshing – exciting, made me feel important.

 But as I soon discovered, happiness was short lived. Year after year more and more questions appeared and so little answers. Am I going to follow

the steps of the major mass on planet Earth? Is this what life is really about? Doing work from 8 to 17.00 day in and day out. Feeling miserable,

frustrated and scared. Scared to be different, scared to look for answers and, above all, scared of being honest to myself and sincere to others.

Being fearful of random harmful events and judgement by fellow humans – after all, I do want to belong. Do I need to let fear hold me back?

Going through a rough system, where you have to think between boundaries… where creative thinking is not encouraged… disabling self expression, expression of thoughts – it’s the same as told time after time that you’re wrong.

 Who am I amidst all of this? I know I am a human being, but deep down. Seriously – who am I and what is the meaning of this – life? Who do I want to be?

What is my role?

I as a child, a newborn soul trying to remember itself in a world, was bombarded with troubling thoughts due to everyday life events, news and thoughts from fellow creatures, called humans. I was supposed to be in charge of my life. What happened?! Now, instead, I felt deep discomfort, torn up inside.

Like, a beautiful tree in all of it’s magnificence with fruits yet to be gathered, being torn from the ground by a tornado and now being covered with layers of scrap metal from all directions.

Like a shining diamond being covered in layers and layers of dirt till I could not see through it. All I needed was someone to understand, someone to offer a helping hand. I was truly lost and afraid. Afraid to go on a journey, to find strength to become who I wanted to be.

Where did I go wrong? What did I do? I felt defeated. But still my heart was true. True to hope, true to finding my True North, to get answers I knew were out there.

I began the quest of self-discovery, self-healing. I did not know it then, but I started to trust my instincts. Not the animal instincts that we are taught, but the purest instincts from the soul, the feeling of love and oneness. To get back to my inner light. As I look back, all the obstacles, which I am now grateful for, were put on my path for me to conquer my fears. To understand that fear is just an illusion. It’s a mirage that we created with our minds to desperately hold on to what little we know about this life, because unfortunately we are taught that we all live in a world of non-abundance and soon-to-end-physical-life. But I tell you this is not the case. We have everything we need and more than we could ever want.

We try to hold on to our only self we have ever seen, our bodies, but I encourage each and every one of you to dig deeper. Many of us deep down do not yet remember, who we are. But we’re on the way. It’s a journey and that is what life is all about. Remembering who you are, becoming one and helping others on the way. Sometimes a little help could go an immeasurable way. I have found a lot of helping hands along my journey and I am truly grateful for that.

The hard part is letting go. Letting go of expectations and standing your ground on what feels right to You. To be truly courageous and find out who You really are! As once a great fellow said: “My Soul Is Not Contained Within The Limits Of My Body, My Body Is Contained Within The Limitlessness Of My Soul”. The body is just temporary way of experiencing everything your soul knows. All of us are beings beyond this physical plane and I dare youto dig deeper inside yourselves. To discover the truth, your truth.

 Let us avoid going back into times, where fear, jealousy, hate and all other negative emotional aspects were dominant. Where wars were waged just to satisfy one’s ego or need for some physical things. I do call upon all mankind, especially men with power to look at themselves and ask “Is this, who I truly deeply want to be? Do my actions inflict hurt to any life on Earth?”. Think about others’ well-being as your own and vice versa. We’re all bound one way or another.

 My journey is not over and I am excited to see what we, humans as a species can accomplish. First to make a radical shift in consciousness, to start really deeply caring about yourself, building up self-love and kindness. To start noticing each other, recognizing the person next to you as if he was you and giving credit to him for being tough and brave enough to have come on this journey on Earth with You. We should be a planetary team, whose only focus is bettering everyone’s well-being and supporting self-discovery. Let us start going forward into the bliss, because we all deserve it.

 We are all equal,

much peace and love,


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